Products that make it easy for individuals, businesses, and brands to use non-fungible tokens of the future.

What is OnlyNFT?

OnlyNFT specializes in NFT function and development of a platform where users can use any digital products, such as pictures, music, video, bill, art, personal social rights, or income rights and interests, to upload and casting. The users will receive an NFT, which is an ownership of the only proof of authenticity and digital certificate. You can choose to put it up for sale, auction it or give it away. You can even host it on a platform and divide it into pieces, in order to involve more people and get better liquidity. We store NFT in distributed storage and provide a place for all buyers and sellers to trade. Yes, this is a series of stores, proof, and circulation of value. We will continue to enrich and implement new NFT scenario functions for the convenience of the users.

What is NFT?

NFT(non-Fungible Token) is a digital representation of asset ownership. The features of NFT can expand the financial functions beyond transactions, including the ability to support partial ownership (e.g. Fractional), support insurance (e.g. YInsure.Finance) lending (e.g. Niftex), or use it as loan collateral (e.g. NFTFI). In terms of options, bonds and assets, everything can be developed and built. The possibilities of NFT combined with Decentalized Finance (DEFI) are infinite.

How to implement OnlyNFT?

We will develop on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain and deploy smart contracts. And all minting and transfers are open and transparent. We will work on storage security to make sure your nft will always exist and transfer conveniently. We will use the ERC721 protocol standard in the early stage, and in the later stage we will develop and use more types of standards according to the progress and needs so eventually users can easily transfer multiple types of assets on the Internet.


Release on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain at the same time and deploy the website. users can perform basic NFT minting and trading.
Develop and launch more protocol standards, which can allow to divide nft into fragments and sell tokens; Achieve cross-chain nft royalties collecting;
Develop the programmability of nft, so users can change the content of nft according to their own ideas or needs, and also system can automatically update nft, creating unlimited possibilities.

Ecological Vision

The essence of NFT is the digital representation of asset ownership. First we need to guarantee the confirmation of digital products, and gradually iterate, and eventually achieve the realization of all real assets on the chain, so that the value can be transmitted and stored on the Internet safely and conveniently.

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